Write For Us

Are you a budding blogger? 

We are looking for personal trainers and fitness professionals to write for our Members Articles section on PTW+, a brand new health and fitness community for anybody and everybody with an interest in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Not only will your article reach our PTW+ audience, we will also include a link to your Personal Trainer Worldwide profile at the end of your article, to help market the services you offer and allow readers to learn more about you.

To write for us you must be a member of Personal Trainer Worldwide and have a live profile.  Click here to Join Today.

What are we looking for?

We ask that articles be no longer than 1,000 words, (we know you haven’t got time to write a dissertation!) and relate to topics such as health, fitness or nutrition.

You know the kind of questions clients ask you on a daily basis?  This is the type of information we ask you to provide to our visitors, so that together, we can build an informative, useful and interactive community.

To get a feel for what we publish, browse through the Members Articles that have already made the cut.  Tackling a topic that hasn’t yet been addressed is a sure way to get our and our visitors’ attention!

Getting Started

If you would like more information about writing for us or wish to submit an article, please send an email to editor@personaltrainerworldwide.co.uk, don’t forget to include your full name and location.

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