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What is Crossfit?

Apr 09, 2013
What is Crossfit?

Crossfit or Crossfit Inc. is a company within the fitness industry; it was founded in the US back in 2000 but now operates all over the world. It has very quickly become one of the most popular ‘fitness fads’ of our time and continues to grow rapidly. 

So what is Crossfit? CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which was formulated to help individuals gain a “broad and general fitness”. The program or ‘workouts’ consist of various different functional exercises being performed at a high intensity. By incorporating functional movements at a greater intensity than most workouts, the individual is able to achieve greater physical endurance.

CrossFit workouts are shorter in duration than most other workouts. On average the last around 20 minutes, however with its high intensity nature, 20 minutes is often long enough to demand an all out physical exertion.

You may have heard of what is known in the Crossfit world as a ‘WOD’. A ‘WOD’ is an abbreviation for ‘Workout of the Day’. A ‘WOD’ may consist of several different exercises in various orders for different durations or rounds. See below for two examples of what a ‘WOD’ may consist of.

As you can see from above, a single workout consists of several different movements. All workouts will have some form of compound movements or weighted exercises along with bodyweight exercises. The workout picture (above-right) is measured for time; whoever completes all of those exercises in the fastest time goes to the top of the leader board. Each ‘WOD’ is often scored or ranked by the instructor to encourage competition and to track individual progress to try and encourage an individual to keep pushing themselves.

Crossfit has become so popular that even some US and Canadian P.E teachers implement it into their high school and college training regimes for their pupils.

As gruelling and as tough as Crossfit can be, it is also very enjoyable, hence its rapid growth and popularity! Many Crossfit gyms around both the US and the UK are regarded as ‘Crossfit Communities’. As the workouts are taken mainly in group sessions, many of the participants become close friends with each other and the trainers themselves.

The Crossfit Games

Due to the growing success of the company, the “Crossfit Games” was created in the year of 2007 and has featured every summer since. Participation and sponsorship have increased rapidly with prize money being awarded to each first-place male and female athlete. Athletes at the Games compete against one and other in workouts which are revealed to them just hours beforehand. It is a very exciting platform which attracts competitors from all over the world to attend, along with large crowds of spectators. 

Yes, Crossfit is a very demanding sport, but the benefits of participating are physically, mentally and socially all proving to be worthwhile for existing members. So why not start today? Find a Crossfit coach in your area today!



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