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Money Or Morals?

Jun 17, 2013
Money Or Morals?



In a day and age where health, fitness and wellbeing are more important than they have ever been we are seeing a huge increase in the number of Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors throughout Great Britain. Unfortunately this increase in numbers does not necessarily mean an increase in the standard of trainer out there ‘helping’ people today. Personal Training is now being viewed as an easy career in which a lot of money can be made with minimum effort. Now if this is your philosophy you are very wrong!


As a Personal Trainer people not only pay large sums of money over time but also put there complete trust in you as a professional. This is where the question comes in, which is more important making as much money as you can as quickly as possible or sticking to your moral obligation to help people achieve their desired goal in a safe, controlled and structured manner. A top quality Personal Trainer should be passionate about what you do and constantly be looking for ways to better yourself in order to give the client the best possible training experience. Blasting your client through doing what I call Chaos Training (getting someone to do a huge volume of training at high intensity with no particular structure) is nothing short of negligence.


The key word in our job title is Personal. Each client should be trained to their individual needs and this means not just their individual goal but to their specific body type, joint range of motion and physical capability at that particular time. It is hard work to take the time to structure specific programs and concentrate on the clients form on every rep that they do, especially when you are training 5-10  people every day  but that is what you are being paid for and that is what will put you above the average trainer out there. Remember when you are training people in a gym you are also advertising yourself, it’s not who you see it’s who sees you!


Make sure to be able to give informed information on nutrition. As we all know to get the best results from any form of training quality nutrition is paramount. Take the extra time to really know what you are talking about as it this again will be the difference between a good and an average Personal Trainer. Constantly check how each client’s eating habits are and give constant feedback on what they are doing well as well as what they need to change. 


There are a lot of poor quality Personal Trainers out there at the moment, make sure you’re not one of them. Like any business it will take time to build a good client base and earn a good reputation, so  don’t rush things and lose sight of what Personal Training is really about. Stick with your morals, do that little bit extra, get your marketing of your business right and the money will follow. 


Written by Personal Trainer Ian Higgins. Click here to view Ian's profile.



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