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A Closer Look At The Benefits Of 'Whey Protein'

Mar 11, 2013
A Closer Look At The Benefits Of 'Whey Protein'


The sports nutrition industry is one of the largest industries within the fitness sector. Despite the recent economic difficulties pervading both national and international markets, the sports nutrition market has continued to experience growth. With the importance of diet and nutrition being recognised more than ever, personal trainers have put emphasis on diet and nutrition when constructing a training program for their clients. Whatever the client's goal, whether if it is to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength etc. recovery is an extremely important factor in progressing to their chosen goal. By eating the correct foods at the correct times, recovery will undoubtedly improve. However to speed up the process, sports nutrition supplements can be of huge benefit. The most popular supplement that is taken by fitness fanatics is what is known as 'whey protein'.


Whey Protein is a protein source derived from milk, therefore completely natural and safe to consume, it also contains all essential and non-essential amino acids, thus when consumed provides quality protein to the body. It is sold predominately in powder for, allowing the consumer to mix with water or milk to produce a ‘milkshake’ like consistency. 

Whey protein is often miss-conceived by many as a 'muscle building supplement', many have a stereotypical thought process that if you take whey protein you will get 'big'. Not true. Whey protein is a low carbohydrate, low fat, low calorie supplement that is high in protein. 

It is very fast digesting and perfect to take after a workout, it will deliver nutrients and amino acids to the muscles a lot quicker than food would and in turn speed up the rate in which you recover indefinitely. 

There is a huge array of sports nutrition supplements available on the market; however a good quality whey protein should be the staple in anyone’s supplement 'stack'.

However beneficial a whey protein is a ‘supplement’ is, people often mistake this for food. The most effective time to take is post workout. There is no need to replace a meal with a shake, after all this is used to supplement a person’s diet. 

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