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The Importance Of Integrity & Passion

Jun 23, 2013
The Importance Of Integrity & Passion

The fitness world is expanding, rapidly. The industry is now saturated with trainers of all different backgrounds and beliefs. Although it is encouraging to see so many people wanting to help those on a quest to get lean and healthy, it is quickly becoming apparent that there are those who are in it for one thing and one thing only: Money.


For the majority, their vocation is simply a means of providing an income. Some fall into jobs they love, some are impartial to what they do and some even dislike their job but do it solely for the money. Passionate fitness enthusiasts are a different breed though, they want to help people. They live and breathe their passion with clear exuberance every day. They love what they do.


However with volume, there will always be anomalies. Some view the industry as an easy way to make a living, a pay check or glamorous lifestyle. This "anyone can do it" attitude is now common, trainers applying methods that simply "entertain" the client or are downright daft. Squats on stability ball anyone?


In 6-7 weeks it is now possible to become an "expert" in fat loss, weight training or bodybuilding. To the assuming and sometimes naive gym attendee, your PT qualification automatically means your advice is definitive and they must follow what you say. How do I know this? Well it's because that exactly how I gained my qualification. However, it's taken 4 years of solid continuous research, trial and error, further courses and starting a BSc in sport science to gain what I would class as adequate knowledge. In my opinion, unless you possess a firm understanding of structural balance, hormonal output, structural anatomy and realistic nutrition protocols, then you are ready to start charging for your services.


These sub-par trainers will all share the same features. Turn up to sessions with no plan, take no account of body composition changes via respectable methods such as skin callipers and they will more than likely try to sell you something.


These people are poison. They preach the benefits of fructose, soy based products yet do not use it themselves. They base credibility on which A-list (well paid) celebrity takes it and provide little to no scientific background to justify their method. Do you need an advanced article from pub med to prove a point? No. Do you need to be able to explain what certain substances do hormonally on a basic level? Yes, yes you do.


I do not sell supplements. When you are selling something to someone you are using marketing methods to create desire for said item. I provide supplements. If I think a client is progressing nicely, is in firm control of their diet in terms of basic macros, then I will introduce certain products to aid progression. With your respectability will come trust and clients will happily spend a reasonable amount of money that will improve their health. Why not provide them at the beginning? Because then what do you know is working? A healthy diet or the new supplementation. That's my view anyway.


Passion is everything. In order to continuously grow and develop you must love what you do. In order to be a strength coach you must be strong, in order to be a fat loss coach you must be lean. This isn’t superficial, it’s the truth. If you possess the knowledge to achieve such amazing physiological feats then why would you not apply it to yourself? Furthermore, passion is infectious. If your delivery and approach reflects this, your clients will respond in a similar manner.


This post is neither aimed to boost my persona or belittle certain trainers. It is simply a statement about where the benchmark should be set. Survival is all about evolution. To survive in the industry you must evolve into a superior trainer that covers every aspect of their clients’ needs. Yes we will still be categorized in the same bracket as trainers with much lesser morals, but this is reality. It will happen regardless of what field you are in. Passion is everything and those who love their craft will always prevail, after all, it's in their nature.


Written by Personal Trainer Chis Knott. Click here to view Chris' profile!



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