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Jul 07, 2013



I have by no means reached my targets in terms of strength and body composition. I would consider myself as reasonably strong and quite lean at best. The ultimate target is a squat and deadlift total of 450kg before I reach the age of 25.


Although I'm not at this point yet you can bet your shiny Charizard Pokemon card I will get there. Why? Because I know how and I will persist to train until I reach my target.


This is an extremely simple notion. By applying progressive overload, speed work and astute recovery I know that I will achieve a goal that at one point would have seemed highly unlikely. It's just science.


There is absolutely nothing special about me whatsoever. I don't have superior genetics, a high percentage of fast twitch fibres or unnatural levels of testosterone, I am in fact, distinctly average. So how will I go on to get freakishly strong and continuously leaner? One thing. Mindset.


Gaining the physique you desire is painstakingly simple. There is no magic programme, no mysterious diet and no ungodly supplement. The main factor is education. Once you understand how you will achieve something and what you will need to do it, it is then simply a matter of putting it into practise.


A mixture of solid education and determined mindset is the most potent method of achieving any goal you desire. As a personal trainer, our main objective is to teach people why they are doing something as well as providing support and motivation. If your PT isn't educating you, they aren't doing their job.


If you fully understood the detrimental effects gluten has on gut health and digestion, you wouldn't eat it at all.

If you fully understood the damaging effects excessive insulin production from sugar causes, you wouldn't eat it at all.

If you fully understood the estrogenic onslaught beer causes on the body, you wouldn't drink it at all.


Simply saying don't eat this, this and that does not suffice. Educate yourself sufficiently and the possibilities are endless.


And that's what happened to me. I simply had a thirst for knowledge. What to do wasn't good enough. How and why is what I was after. Gaining full understanding has now empowered me to make a life long change. I will continue to get stronger and leaner because I know how to. All I have to do is carry on applying my already engrained habits and it's simply a matter of patience.


My goals of a quarter tonne deadlift and the majority of the publics goal of fat loss are no different from each other. They both will take time, effort and planning. Do you think I simply walked into the weights room and ripped 250kg off the floor as if it were a pillow case full of feathers? No. So why do people expect to see their abs after a week of training.


When you apply your mind and seek to educate yourself the possibilities are infinite. Age, gender, occupation and lifestyle are all excuses and variables. If you truly want something, it is easily attainable with patience, hard work and the correct frame of mind.


Written by Personal Trainer Chris Knott. Click here to view Chris' profile!

Written by Personal Trainer Chris Knott. Click here to view Chris' profile! - See more at:



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