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A Healthy Person Is A Happy Person!

Jul 11, 2013
A Healthy Person Is A Happy Person!

They say a healthy person is a happy person, this couldn’t be more right! There are several ways you can be happy. The problem is that most of people tend to focus on present issues in their lives and struggle to look past their every day stresses. Only you can make you a happy person. If you are unhappy then why not exercise? Exercise will help you physically, that’s a given. However one of the best ways to help you mentally de-stress is through exercise! Not just exercise, also eating healthy. It doesn’t take a lot to change your mind set. A few clever, simple things you can do day-today that will help you feel less stressed and healthier, both physically and mentally.


Eat a healthy breakfast no matter how little time you think you have! Eating a healthy breakfast will keep you full and satisfied. You will notice that you actually snack left often throughout the day when eating breakfast. Not only will a healthy breakfast will set the tone for the rest of your day's meals, you will also feel more energetic and mentally alert.

Sip green tea in the morning. Green tea is filled with antioxidants! You can drink it cold or hot, make sure to limit any additional sweeteners in your tea. The antioxidants in the tea will help with your overall physical and mental health. Green Tead has also been proven to boost metabolism, great!

Preparation is key! Make your lunches for work the night before. There's nothing more stressful than running around in the morning trying to pack a healthy lunch. Take time the night before to lay everything out as much as possible. It will save you time in the mornings.

Listen to music while you get ready for the day. Music can be the key to happiness! If you're not sure how to get in a better mood, turn on some tunes and see how you feel !

Drink water! Make it a priority to drink plenty of water. Your body will thank you for it. Drinking water will help de-bloat your body and get rid of any bad toxins.

It is always a great time to start fresh. Now is the day. Don't tell yourself that you'll do it tomorrow! If you're starting to feel down, try one of the recommendations above and see if you can turn that frown upside down.



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