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Want To Get British Military Fit?

Mar 11, 2013
Want To Get British Military Fit?

Have you detected a growing enthusiasm for all things military?

Your local park needs you!

Admire the discipline and determination of our armed forces and be a part of it!

British Military Fitness has been running since 1999 and holds training sessions in more than 100 parks across the UK. Run by former or serving members of the armed forces – the emphasis is on providing motivation for those who find it hard to drag themselves to the gym.

It works by keeping your heart rate up - with intermittent bouts of running making the muscular exercises harder to perform. Most of the features of the park are used.                                                      

But in general, it's an hour-long medley of running, walking, hill training, strengthening exercises and partner or teamwork, based on the training exercises used by the military. Each class is divided into ability groups, and starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down and stretch.


All the instructors are either current or former qualified Army physical training instructors (PTIs). BMF now provides fitness training in 27 parks in 13 different cities

It’s a great way to get fit quick and learn how to get fit, and generally group fitness works well because of common goals and encouraging leadership.

How to make BMF easier

Attend with a friend of course, you'll be made very welcome if you come alone, but teaming up with a friend really helps with motivation, particularly in the early days when you may need a little extra persuasion to actually get to the class. If you come alone, it's worth latching on to someone in the group who has around the same level of fitness as you - that gives you someone to compete against or work with, depending on the exercise or task.

In keeping with our military roots, you have to be prepared to get your hands - and everything else - dirty in class. If you're precious about getting dirt on your clothes, slipping in mud or lying down on wet grass, you won't get much out of the class. Getting filthy is all part of the fun!

Even in cold, wintry conditions; you need to drink water throughout a vigorous workout such as this, in order not to get dehydrated. The instructors carry water so you don't have to take your own.

The down sides

It's not for asthmatics. Outdoor workouts in cold weather aren't recommended for anyone with asthma or other breathing problems, according to the National Heart And Lung Institute.

The military approach: Being known by your number and not your name, and terminology such as 'at the double' and 'fall in' won't appeal to everyone.

Please note: check with your doctor before beginning this or any strenuous exercise regime.

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