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The Importance Of Good Fats For Fat Loss

May 30, 2013
The Importance Of Good Fats For Fat Loss


For years the knowledge on good fats has been limited, especially amongst the general public. When going on a diet the first thing that people do is cut out all fats from their meals, because people are under the assumption that if you eat fat you become fat.

WRONG! Eating certain fats are bad for you yes, but there are several different choices of good fats out there that can actually help you lose fat. Consuming high levels of bad fats can increase your cholesterol levels along with increasing risk of certain diseases, whereas consuming good fats protects your heart, gives you more energy and supports your body’s overall health.

Eating fat to burn fat? Surely this can’t be right?

Adding foods that contain good fats to each of your meals helps slow down the digestion rate, helping you feel fuller for longer which results in cutting out cravings and unnecessary snacking. Healthy fats increase energy. The more energy you have the harder you can push yourself in the gym and as a result the more calories you burn.

So what foods contain good fats?




You don’t have to follow a completely new diet regime to incorporate healthy fats. You just need to make a few simple adjustments, such as replacing the types of oils you cook with. Using oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and even macadamia nut oil instead of butter to cook with would be a great start.

Get Some Nuts!

Eating nuts such as almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts and walnuts are all great sources of good fats. Snacking on nuts in between meals is a far healthier alternative to breakfast bars etc. A handful of almonds will satisfy your appetite for longer also, putting a stop to any unwanted cravings. Why stop there? You can also cook with nuts, grind them down and use them instead of breadcrumbs when cooking a chicken or a fish dish. Spread natural peanut butter over a rice cake as a snack. There are so many different ways to get good fats into your diet, just get some nuts!


Adding seeds to salads and other dishes will also help increase your intake of good fats, especially sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. You can even buy sesame oil to dress your salads with.


Eat more fish. Salmon and mackerel are great fish to eat more of. Not only do they taste great but they are very high in Omega-3s. Not only will you feel healthier but they help boost brain function and strengthen your immune system. Start eating more today!

So to summarise, eating fat can help you lose weight. But be aware of what fats are good and what fats are bad. We aren’t saying consume as much good fats as you possibly can but be clever with how you incorporated fats into your diet. Using some of the suggestions above will certainly help you lose weight and feel great. Remember, you cannot out train a bad diet, so get the most out of your training by eating healthier. The results will show!



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