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Marketing Yourself As A Newly Qualified Personal Trainer

May 30, 2013
Marketing Yourself As A Newly Qualified Personal Trainer


Congratulations! You have just completed your course and you are now qualified as a Certified Personal Trainer. So, what next? Obviously you need to get your name out there and start drawing clients in, but how? Here are some tips to help you kick start your career as a Personal Trainer in one of the most competitive industries out there today.

Before you start, make a plan! You can’t just walk straight into a gym and expect clients to come flocking to you. You need to conduct some research. At the end of the day this is your business, so treat it like one. Have the confidence to draw up a business plan along with marketing strategies and speak to people who have knowledge in the industry that are willing to help. Networking and making new contacts is great for any start up business.

Before building your brand you need to decide what sort of customers you want to target. Do you wish to specialise in women only, athlete development, classes or is there a specific niche you feel you can make a name for yourself in? Define your USP, Unique Selling Point. Maybe you feel that Weight Loss is a category that you can secure as your own.


Build a brand!

After conducting your research and spoken to experienced Personal Trainers you will find that many PT's offer their services as an individual, they come across as a one man band. This is fine, and some PT’s do great out of it. However, if you can build a brand and work under the brand rather than as an individual, it looks far more professional and would certainly help attract more clients. Many Personal Trainers are now going down that route. Again, seek help! Get in touch with people who have been successful in the industry for many years and who have built their own successful brands. Mentors such as Dave Fletcher from Six Figure PT are here to help educate you and provide you with the knowledge and awareness to help you succeed.


Market Yourself

So now you have built your brand and done your research it’s time to get it out there. This can be achieved via both online and offline strategies. Online strategies are all about building an online presence. The more platforms you are on the more likely you are to making new contacts and attracting new clients.

Create a Website. It doesn’t have to be a flashy website but you do need a base for contact. Include your contact details clearly with an overview of the services you offer and how you can help.

Remember PROFFESIONALISM! Create a business email as opposed to giving out your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account. Remember you are a business, it will look far more professional handing someone a business card with a business email on it.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential these days. However ensure that you have accounts solely for business and not personal affairs. Read our article on ‘Social Media Marketing for Personal Trainers’ for more information.

List yourself on Personal Trainer Worldwide. Our Platform allows for people to search for Fitness Professionals in their local area. You can interlink your Website to your profile page along with sharing any part of your profile page onto any existing Social Media Platform. 

Create brochures, flyers and business cards. When you attend a networking event or you are at the gym, you want to have something on hand to give out to potential new clients. Rather than just approaching someone in the gym for a chat, you can leave them with a flyer to read over your services in detail once you have left.

Get in touch with various local media sources. Journalists, magazines, newspapers, radio etc. Offer to write articles in the health section for your local newspaper or magazine. This won’t cost anything to do and is great exposure for you and your business. How many Personal Trainers can say they are a writer for their local health magazine?

Finally, define your price. Now that you have a professional brand in place, you no longer come across as a newly qualified Personal Trainer, so don’t feel that you have to charge less than any other PT that may be working out of the same gym to attract clients. Remain professional. Your pricing point is extremely important and if you do start too low then you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Offer your services in packages as opposed to individual sessions. For example, offer a ‘Six Week Beach Body Programme’ or a service along the same lines for a discounted price. Not only are you securing the commitment of the client for more than just one session, you are also getting money in straight from the start. Maybe offer a discount for blocks of 5, 10, 15 and even 20 one on one sessions. Come up with a strategy that ensures you do not sell yourself short.

Whatever you do, remember that you are now owner of a business and any decision you make should be in the best interest of YOUR business.



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