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Social Media Marketing For Personal Trainers

May 30, 2013
Social Media Marketing For Personal Trainers


Once you have built your brand, the next stage is to get it out there online. There are several ways to achieving great exposure, one being via social media networking.

Building a great Social Media presence is a must for any business, regardless of how big or small yours is. If you aren’t on Social Media Platforms then you are missing out. There are several fantastic platforms out there for businesses but today we talk about these three; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Create a business ‘Like’ page on Facebook. Ensure that it is content rich, full of interesting articles based on training and diet. Don’t make the page all about you, vary it. People like to read interesting articles on different aspects of fitness. Engage with your clients, ask questions, is there a highly talked about fitness related news story that has just been released? Facebook is a fantastic way of engaging the audience and interacting. Make full use of it.


Twitter is another fantastic platform to use for any business. The presence of fitness minded people on Twitter is massive. Use this platform to help inspire people. Fitness motivation and news flash stories are what people are interested in. Share motivational videos, send out offers that you may provide. Twitter is great for going viral. Target people in your area that you may not know via the use of ‘Hashtags’. Share existing platforms to your Twitter profile and again interact as much as possible. A dormant Twitter account will not attract new followers, in fact, you will lose followers due to a lack of activity. Ensure that you are as active as possible. People will recognise this and appreciate the knowledge you are putting out there.


LinkedIn is another great way of building connections within your industry. Networking via LinkedIn has become extremely popular, and rightly so. Almost everyone and anyone from all industries have a profile on it. Make the most of being on this network. Join fitness related discussion groups and get involved, include articles and open up a discussion of your own. If you can build a respectable presence on LinkedIn and interact as much as you can then making worthwhile connections will become easier. LinkedIn is also a fantastic way of looking for new work. There are often fitness related jobs being advertised on certain groups so if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on a potential new client or job role.




There are a lot of positives to being on these platforms, too many to mention, however don’t make ‘school boy’ errors which could put you and your business in risk. Being a part of these networks is a fantastic way of marketing yourself online, when done correctly, however there are some negatives when using just social media networks.

Personal Trainers who solely use their social media sites as a way to market and promote themselves are often only targeting friends and existing clients as opposed to targeting potential new clients.

Do not make the common error of using one single profile for both personal and business use!

This is an absolutely disaster in most cases. One minute you are sending out some fantastic information to your followers and fans, the next you are engaging in a political debate for all to see. This isn’t good for your brand. You don’t want all the hard work you have put in to building up such a powerful brand, for it to be crushed on a social media site because you sent out a controversial Tweet or Facebook post. Have one profile for purely business and one for purely personal affairs and don’t let them crossover. For any further advice regarding the use of Social Media sites please feel free to get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.



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