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  •          What is Personal Trainer Worldwide?
  •          Why should I join Personal Trainer Worldwide?
  •          How do I join Personal Trainer Worldwide?
  •          Will I receive referrals or enquiries?
  •          How will I receive client referrals or enquiries?
  •          How much does it cost?
  •          Will Personal Trainer Worldwide take commission for a client referral?


What is Personal Trainer Worldwide?

Personal Trainer Worldwide is the premier online directory for personal trainers and fitness instructors in the UK.


Why should I join Personal Trainer Worldwide?

Our team strives to generate exposure for our members through a number of wide reaching online and offline channels. We are the most attractive marketing platform in the industry. I know, we would say that, wouldn’t we? To prove this isn’t just us patting ourselves on the back, we have the endorsement of Brand Ambassador, Joe Calzaghe and are officially affiliated with YMCAfit, one of the leading trainers of fitness professionals in the UK.


That’s not all. Join Personal Trainer Worldwide today and receive a free annual subscription to PT Magazine (worth £20.00), the go to magazine for personal trainers in the UK.


How do I join Personal Trainer Worldwide?

Simply click Join Today and complete the short registration form. Once you have registered, you can get to work creating a customised profile page which will appear in our online directory. You can upload videos, pictures and blogs, as well as posting news or offers on your wall. For details of all the features available within your profile, visit our trainer profile page. 


Will I receive enquiries or referrals?

Achieving enquiries or referrals will also depend on your profile, so you should make this as attractive as possible and ensure that all of your details are kept up to date. You could offer an incentive for client referrals such as a small discount or free consultation. This will allow you to track the source of your referrals and stand out amongst the competition.


How will I receive enquiries or referrals?

Visitors can click the ‘Contact’ button on your profile to submit an enquiry or booking. We automatically forward this message to the email account you provided when you signed up to Personal Trainer Worldwide. Alternatively, visitors can contact you directly though your own website if you include the link on your profile page.  Linking your website in this way will also boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).    


How much does it cost?

We have been told that we are crazy. Personal Trainer Worldwide is completely FREE!


Will Personal Trainer Worldwide take commission for a referral?

No. You will receive 100% of any business you receive through our website. 


Am I tied in to a contract?

No. You can stop your membership or close your profile at any time.

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