Sit Down or Sit Up

Because Doing is Nothing is Easy

Freelance or Employed?

Whether you are considering becoming a personal trainer or your career as a fitness professional is already underway, making sure that you are on the right career path for you is a must. Which route is the best: an employed or self-employed freelance personal trainer? This is a tough decision.


The answer requires you to carry out an honest self-assessment and the answer will depend upon your strengths, qualities and ambitions.


If you choose employment as a personal trainer rather than being self-employed, you are not settling for second best. Equally, if you choose to be a self-employed personal trainer, the initial excitement you feel and the opportunities you have may not necessarily lead to riches or launching the next big fitness trend.


People are best suited to different ways of working and personal trainers are no exception. If you would like to know which personal trainer career route is best for you, explore this section of Personal Trainer Worldwide.



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