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Personal Trainer Worldwide is delighted to be working in Partnership with YMCAfit, the leading training provider in the UK. YMCAfit have been offering “World Class Training” since it established in 1984. Over 70,000 fitness professionals and personal trainers have been trained by YMCAfit. In fact, if you go to almost any gym in the country you’ll find YMCA trained and qualified staff.


YMCAfit has developed the largest portfolio of fitness training products available in the UK. As a charity, YMCAfit is guided by the belief that every member of society should be able to access the health benefits of regular physical activity. This year is a special year for YMCAfit, celebrating 30 years of excellence in supporting fitness professionals. 



Personal Trainer Worldwide is proud to be working in Partnership with Pure Energy. Founded in 1992, Pure Energy is the UK’s leading producer of legally licensed, original artist fitness music specifically tailored for the fitness professional. Pure Energy products cover every aerobic discipline, incorporating both current and retro music. Pure Energy Ambassadors Rachel Holmes and Stuart Harrop are two of the UK’s leading fitness presenters.


Pure Energy offer a fantastic range of membership packages for fitness professionals and corporate packages specifically designed for health and fitness clubs. Memberships include a PPL licence and a music allocation on either CDs or download throughout the year. Packages include a bespoke music allowance delivered as CD or digital download, the latest music delivered to your door every month, multi-site options and much more.



Personal Trainer Worldwide is excited about our Partnership with PT Magazine, the leading publication for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts in the UK. PT Magazine provides informative articles and innovative product showcase as well as business guidance, nutritional information and interest stories. With PT Magazine you can stay on the forefront of all the latest fitness trends and training ideas, brought to you every other month by an expert panel of contributors.


If you are a fitness professional or personal trainer, join Personal Trainer Worldwide today and receive a free annual subscription to PT Magazine, worth £20.



Personal Trainer Worldwide is proud to be working in Partnership with Muscle Food, the leading supplier of premium nutrition in the UK. Muscle Food has a passion for helping people achieve peak performance. Muscle Food’s fantastic range of responsibly sourced lean meats and complimentary products are loved by many elite athletes.


Muscle Food offers a great way for fitness professionals, personal trainers and gym owners to earn added income and rewards, Fit Pro Rewards. Every FPR member gets amazing free and exclusive access to a range of tools and resources that can help you to develop, manage and promote your fitness business. If you are a fitness professional or personal trainer join Personal Trainer Worldwide for exclusive special offers. 



Personal Trainer Worldwide is proud to be working in partnership with Lorisian. Lorisian have over 30 years experience in home to laboratory food intolerance testing, helping clients to identify their trigger foods and – more importantly – how to exclude and replace them in their diet.


No matter what your fitness goal; weight loss, training for an event or just general health – suffering from a food intolerance can have a big impact on how our bodies perform. With 45% of the UK population suffering from a food intolerance and free Skills Active accredited training from Lorisian – why not get in touch for more information or to sign up.

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