Sit Down or Sit Up

Because Doing is Nothing is Easy

Premium Nutrition

It goes without saying that nutrition and a balanced diet are crucial in order for your body to function properly. If you want to achieve your fitness and health goals, exercise alone is not enough. Nutrition and diet are vital in order to enhance your training performance and reach your fitness goals.


Your choice of nutrition and diet directly affects your fitness performance, including what, when, and how much you eat and drink. Tailoring your nutrition and diet is important whether you are looking to build muscle, improve strength, get faster, or lose weight. It’s said that “Abs are made in the kitchen”.


Personal Trainer Worldwide is delighted to be officially working in partnership with Muscle Food, the leading supplier of premium nutrition in the UK. Muscle Food is passionate about helping people achieve peak performance. Muscle Food is loved by professional sports people from Olympic athletes to the health conscious. With a wide range of responsibly sourced meats and complimentary products, Muscle Food has something for everyone.

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